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Vintage Breakdown "Blacklisted" Eyeball Records Promotional Poster

Legendary NYHC band Breakdown formed in 1986 in Yonkers. They released a demo and had some songs on some compilations, but shortly after everyone besides singer Jeff Perlin left the band and their activity seemed to slow down. That is until a decade after the release of their demo when they released their debut EP, Blacklisted, on Eyeball Records. Breakdown featured a new lineup with Mike Dijan from Crown Of Thorns on guitar, Larry from SubZero on bass, and Lou from Everybody Gets Hurt on drums and played a style that was reminiscent of their past while still being all their own. Breakdown has continued on into the present day with various lineups but Blacklisted was the beginning of their second era. This original Breakdown poster, in great condition, is from their 1997 EP Blacklisted. Two available. 

Dimensions: 10.75" Wide by 17" Long