We are always buying a wide range of clothing for both men and women from the 1920s-1990s. Below is a brief list of items we are after (not limited to):

Denim (1970s and before jeans, jackets, and shirts):

Levis Big E and/or selvedge denim.

Example of a “Big E”.

Example of Levis selvedge-flip the cuff to locate.

Wrangler “Blue Bell”

Example of a Wrangler “Blue Bell” tag

United States Navy denim pants and jackets.

Any other vintage jeans-there were tons of different manufacturers and we are interested in almost all of them. We are buying all conditions from unworn to completely abused.

T-Shirts (1980s and prior printed and blank):

Just a few of the brands we buy a “paper” non plastic tag is best. Design is everything-the more interesting the better.

Band shirts/tour shirts.

Snoopy and friends sweatshirts or t-shirts. The best are printed on Spruce brand.

The sky is the limit, if it’s an old t-shirt and the design is cool we want it. We pay a slight premium for t-shirts with a rayon content. These are generally a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon-rayon being the least present.

Red Wings:

Prefer the “crepe” soles shown above. Condition can vary from unworn to well worn.

Leather Jackets (1970s and prior):

Interested in a variety of leather jackets from companies such as Schott, Buco, Langlitz, LeatherTogs, Hercules, EastWest Musical, Gandalf, etc. Also interested in smaller brands, local shop brands, military, and jackets marked “horsehide”.

Unsure if a jacket is old? Zippers are a good way to tell. A lot of older garments have Talon brand zippers.

Converse (made in USA):

Buying made in USA Converse with a premium paid for older models.

Example of older “Black Heel” model.

Polo Ralph Lauren (1990s and prior):

A sampling of a few of the logos or patches we are interested in as well as styles. Anything a little older and design oriented may be of interest.

Items with dates, patches, etc.

Large emblems and crests are great.

Souvenir/Tour Jackets (Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Alaska, etc):

Generally made of satin-the best are reversible with satin and velvet.

Champion Brand T-Shirts and Sweatshirts:

Buying up to and including 1970s items-some 1980s if the design is aesthetically pleasing.

If it’s old and isn’t on this list we probably STILL want it!

From the beautiful, the bold, to the bad.

We love martian ladies.

Anything that looks cool.

Menswear-ivy league, modern era, etc.

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