Saturday’s Catch

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An interesting array of items were discovered today, from a t-shirt commemorating a stage collapse at a Beach Boys gig to a grab bag of new and old hardcore punk 7″s.

A. The first item you will see in our slideshow is a t-shirt made by the roadies who survived the “Nebraska Disastah,” this gig ended when the winds blew the lighting truss down onto the stage. This shirt was made by crew members and is incredibly rare. Check the graphics, they don’t make ’em like this anymore.

B. Next up is a slew of classic early ’80s USHC platters. The majority of them are Dischord related. If you know anyone at Dischord, tell them that we’re looking for the other releases that these are supposed to come with. We’ll even pay the MSRP of $2.00 and forgo a wholesale discount.

C. The final image is of the new 7″ by Boston hardcore act No Tolerance. This 7″ is among the best trad hardcore punk 7″s in the past decade. They swipe, and credit, a line or two from Bobby Liebling of Pentagram- which is ok in our book. We have a handful of copies on limited edition red vinyl (330 pressed). This record has been selling out quickly everywhere, so be sure to snag a copy if angry and loud is your thing.


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